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JD2660-AL Two-color Offset Presses
-Automatic printing pressure adjustment device,improve the work efficiency
-Pneumatic automatic version of the clip

1. The transfer system consists of the swing-down front lay, the swing-down gripper and transfer cylinder, which ensures adequate positioning time and stability of paper delivery with high-speed.
2. The impression cylinder and transfer drum are each double diameter, which reduce the times of sheet take-over between print units.
3. The plate cylinder can be adjusted in the circumferential direction, lateral direction and diagonal direction.
4. The application of pneumatic technology to the press is one of the press characteristics. Air cylinder for water form roller throw-off mechanism and air cylinder for ink form roller throw-off mechanism are accomplished with Pneumatically-operated valves.
5. There are five rollers on the plate cylinder. There is an intermediate roller in Alcoholic damping system, which eliminate the "ghost" image, achieve the quick ink-water balance and reduce paper consumption
6. The plate is mounted by using the register pin arrangement, which can shorten time of install and check plates.
7. To preset paper thickness when printing different kinds of paper. To adjust printing pressure in every unit automatically, quickly and synchronously.
Technical Parameter
Specifications JD2660-AL
Machine speed 12000s.p.h
Maximum sheet size 540กม660mm
Minimum sheet size 273กม393mm
Sheet thickness 0.06-0.6mm
Maximum image area 528กม650mm
Plate size 677กม675กม0.3mm
Blanket size 740กม680กม1.9mm
Maximum feeder pile height 940mm
Maximum deivery pile height 780mm
Machine overall dimensions 5400กม2470กม1950mm
Total power of motors 13.2kw
Gross weight 10700kg
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