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JD2660-AL Two-color Offset Presses
The transfer system consists of the swing-down front lay, the swing-down gripper and transfer cylinder, which ensures adequate positioning time and stability of paper delivery with high-speed.
The impression cylinder and transfer drum are each double diameter, which reduce the times of sheet take-over between print units.
The plate cylinder can be adjusted in the circumferential direction, lateral direction and diagonal direction. >> more
JD2740-AL Two-color Offset Presses
The application of pneumatic technology to the press is one of the press characteristics. Air cylinder for water form roller throw-off mechanism and air cylinder for ink form roller throw-off mechanism are accomplished with Pneumatically-operated valves.
There are five rollers on the plate cylinder. There is an intermediate roller in Alcoholic damping system, which eliminate the "ghost" image, achieve the quick ink-water balance and reduce paper consumption >> more
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